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You need text written by the person whose personality you're interested in. It should contain words about every day experiences, thoughts, and responses.

For statistically significant results, you need at least 3500 words and ideally 6000 You can still play with the demo if you have at least 100 words, but you should take those results with a grain of salt.

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Note: You will be redirected to Twitter's authorization page and then redirected to this application to complete the analysis.



The scores you see are all percentiles. They are comparing one person to a broader population. For example, a 90% on Extraversion does not mean that the person is 90% extroverted. It means that for that single trait, the person is more extroverted than 90% of the people in the population.

Our sample population consists of Twitter users who tweet in respective language and whose personalities we calculated using our model.

Personality Portrait

0 words analyzed:
Very Strong Analysis
A word count of 6000 or more is a high-quality assessment of someone's personality. It's statistically significant.
Strong Analysis
This is a confident read of someone's personality. It's statistically significant! ...but wait, there's more! For only 6000 words, you'll get something so accurate it's scary. Do it!
Decent Analysis
These results are a general impression of this person, and they should be taken with a grain of salt. Increase the word count to 3500 to get a strong one.
Weak Analysis
With this many words, you can't get a fair read on someone's personality. Can you use at least 1500 to get a general impression?


Analyze your profile to get your personality summary.

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This portrait does not relate to any distinguishing behavior*

*from those in the studies considered for this demo.


*% = percentile

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*% = percentile


*% = percentile


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